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Easily enhance printed goods with multimedia and online content


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Augmented Reality CMS showcases

Only a few examples of what our customers use TARTT for


Close the gap between off- and online
Enrich your printed static content with the digital world of possibilities.
TARTT CMS allows you to easily add AR content to your printed goods. Users can scan the prints to get a whole new experience with dynamic and interactive content. Add videos, 3D models, weblinks, image galleries, registration forms and many more.


Visualize the dreams of your customers
Make not yet existing products like houses imaginable
We all know it: the more money we need to invest, the more we want to know what we get for it. Help your customers get a better idea of how it will look like in reality with displaying animated and interactive 3D models of «their» house.


Adding value to your advertisements
Engage users attention and increase their interaction with your brand.
Offer added value for your printed advertisements. Do much more as it was before when having only static content. You can enrich your printed content with mini games, videos, 3D models, direct connection to your website and many more.


Magic Picture – entertaining souvenir photos
Live chroma keying on camera screen combined with 3D models
Offer an entertaining way to take souvenir photos. Users can select from different backgrounds. Standing in front of the green screen, the Magic Pic App will magically «beam» the participants into the selected background. Even 3D models can be added to the picture.

Direct Marketing

Interactive mailings – increase response rate
Direct mailing is not dead – enhance it with AR content.
Get your recipients interest with multimedia content. Welcome people using a personalized video clip or offer them a direct connection to your online registration form. You can even track how each user does interact with your mailing. Sounds cool, huh?


Reveal the intrinsic values
Bring products to life that are hidden inside their packages.
Is it not great to be able to have a look at products before buying them? But what if they are enclosed in a package? Just scan the box and see a 3D model of the actual product. You can even add animations and let your customers interact with it.

Manage AR content with TARTT CMS

An easy to use Content Management System for AR


Create channel and campaign

For structuring content and improving analytics.



Add pages

From JPG or PDF. Optionally import from InDesign.


Add AR content

Images/Buttons, Overlay Videos (optional with alpha masks), 3D models (optional with animations) and enhance all objects with event based actions.



Test and publish

Publish AR content to the official TARTT App or your own app.

Do you want to learn more about Augmented Print and AR CMS TARTT?

Watch a presentation about AR and Augmented Print

Understand the differences of VR / AR / MR, see at lot of inspiring AR / MR examples and learn how to start with AR using Augmented Print. This presentation was recorded at the CeBIT 2017 in Germany.

Install the TARTT App and try out some of the AR experiences companies have created

Download the TARTT brochure. And scan the examples in this brochure using the official TARTT app for iOS and Android. See what other people have created with TARTT!

Sign up for free and try out TARTT CMS

The best way to find out how the Augmented Reality CMS TARTT can help you is trying it out yourself. Upload your printed pages, add AR content like images, video and 3d models and bring your printed material to life!

User Testimonials

Read what real people are thinking of their experience with using AR CMS TARTT

“What’s to like: The TARTT interface is quick, clean and intuitive [and has] excellent image recognition. […] The Scanner worked quickly and reliably, even when images where partially occluded. […] I will take this opportunity to award a five star rating to Takondi (TARTT) for providing the best support and interaction by far.”
Read more about this TARTT AR CMS product review
Edward Caulfield

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Features of TARTT CMS

Professional features that help creating inspiring AR experiences

Create channel and campaign

  • Manage channels and campaigns
  • Channels can contain unlimited campaigns
  • Create channels for separating content
  • Get analytics data for each channel / campaign

Add pages

  • Add pages from JPG or PDF
  • Multi page PDF files are supported
  • Import pages and AR Content from InDesign export
  • Replace pages with updated versions

Add AR content

  • Use multiple AR object types like image, video, 3D models
  • Add event based actions to all objects
  • Use events like “on click”, “on loaded” and many more
  • Use actions like “AR World methods” or “AR Object methods”
  • Use AR World methods like “Open URL in browser”, “Play video in fullscreen player” or “Call phone number”
  • Use AR Object methods to run methods like “show”, “hide”, “play” and many more on other objects on the same page
  • Run custom code or custom extensions as action for events
  • Let the AR world interact with your app sending requests based on events
  • Use 3D models with or without animations
  • Use videos as overlay (even alpha mask is supported) or in fullscreen player

Test and publish

  • Test your AR content before publishing it
  • Continue adding AR content after publishing without affecting the published AR world
  • Activate / Deactivate or delete published AR worlds if not needed any more

Cloud Storage and Database

  • All media files are stored on cloud storage
  • All exported AR world files are stored on cloud storage
  • TARTT App / your app will connect to cloud database for fast delivery

TARTT App, branded app or SDK

  • Publish AR content to the public TARTT App
  • Get a branded copy of the TARTT App with your custom name, icon, launch image and app store entry
  • Use the SDK to add AR content to your existing or new custom developed app

Other features

  • Multilanguage support for AR content
  • Google Analytics tracking of AR world actions
  • Multiple TARTT CMS users possible
  • SLA and support plans available
  • Training for your team available
  • Consulting for creating AR experiences available

Please note: Not all features are available for all plans. Check out the plans to see more.

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With the integrated Wikitude AR technology in our TARTT CMS / SDK / App
we enable you to create easy-to-use and powerful AR experiences.

Learn more about the integration of Wikitude in TARTT

Available plans

For using TARTT CMS / SDK / App


Good for starting with AR
99 /month
  • Access to TARTT CMS (Software as a Service)
  • Manage unlimited* campaigns / channels
  • Manage unlimited* pages
  • Manage unlimited* AR Content (Images, Videos, 3D models)
  • Manage unlimited* events / actions: «AR World Methods» («Open URL In Browser», «Open Video In Fullscreen Video Player») and «AR Object Methods» (Run actions on other AR Objects of the same page)
  • Test & Publish AR content to TARTT App
  • 1 TARTT CMS user
  • 100 MB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited* app users
  • Standard support
  • * = fair use


Fully flexible
TBD /month
  • Everything in Starter & Plus

  • Use TARTT SDK in your own app
  • InDesign import of pages and content
  • Multiple TARTT CMS users
  • Multi-language support for AR content
  • Custom extensions, custom user interface (UI) and any other development you might need
  • Use your own Google Analytics account
  • SLA and support plans
  • Training for your team

Questions about TARTT

What does “Fair use” mean?

With our Starter and Plus plans, you will get unlimited campaigns / channels, pages, AR content, events / actions and app users. However we need to make sure that all customers can benefit from this offer. So if your usage will exceed the average customer usage over longer time, we will get in touch with you to see if a branded TARTT App / custom app might be a better fit for you. If you are not sure if your usage will cause any issues, just get in touch with us.

What is a “branded TARTT App”?

With the Plus plan, you have the option to publish AR Content to your branded TARTT App. A branded TARTT App is a copy of our own TARTT App. But with your launch image, icon, name and app store entry. Please note that there is a one-time setup fee for getting a branded TARTT App and the monthly fee might increase depending on your planned type of usage.

What does count againt the Cloud Storage space?

There are two main types of files: Media files and published AR World files. Each file you upload in media manager (images, videos, 3D models, 360° photos) will count againt the Cloud Storage space. And each time you do an export, besides the basic AR World files also the included media files will be stored separately. So each export will also increase the space needed. But don’t worry – you can always delete old AR World files.

Is there any restriction of the number of pages per channel?

Yes. Channels are limited to a maximum number of 50 pages. If you need more pages per channel, get in touch. We will probably find a solution for your need.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. We don’t force you into long-term contracts. Starter and Plus plans are month to month. You can cancel at any time. When you cancel, you will only be charged for the current month. The next month will not be charged.

Do you offer any discounts?

If you decide to stay with us for 12 months in adance, we are giving you 2 of them for free. Pay 10 months and get 12.

How long will my AR content stay published?

As long as you have an active subscription, your AR content will stay published. You can also delete published content manually. Please note that when you cancel your subscription, your published content will not be available any more.

What does it mean that “Wikitude is integrated into TARTT”?

TARTT CMS is a web application for managing AR content. To be able to recognize images in a mobile app and rendering content into camera screen, AR technology is needed. We partnered with Wikitude as their main focus is to provide such technology.
Learn more about Wikitude

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